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Welcome to The MG Rover Brand website. Our website is here to provide anyone who is interested with a one stop portal containing all the information and links about The MG Rover Brand

Here at The MG Rover Brand website we are keen to let people know that the MG Rover brand is still alive. MG Motor UK existed up until very recently, and was housed at Longbridge, where the sales and admin team was joined by a design team in 2009, which had moved from Leamington Spa. The most recent model to be manufactured at Longbridge was the MG TF LE500, and a revised MG TF that was scheduled for production thereafter. Much of the old Rover 75 production line remained in place, unused, right up to the very end. If you want to know more about The MG Rover Brand, give us a call with your questions.

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This website has nothing to do with the old MG Rover website.

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